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    Daily Wholesale Fresh Fruit and Veg delivery in glasgow

    Glasgow Fruit Market sells and delivers wholesale high quality fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.
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    Free delivery all Day

    We deliver orders daily and have available an express delivery that can reach you within only two hours of placing your order.
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    Glasgow Fruit Market supports Homegrown farming

    Buying and Selling homegrown organic fruit and veg from people like you to your entire neighborhood.


Everyone has different needs whether it’s for the house or a business. We adapt to your schedule and requirements making the whole buying and delivering process easier.

Improve your family's health by providing fresh fruits and vegetables.
Improve the performance by having a daily fresh fruit box delivered to the office
Order fresh produce on demand and only the amount you need.
Instant fruit and veg delivery whenever and wherever you need it.
Ready to take any order with swift delivery times of under 2 hours
Fresh citrus, herbs and spices to prepare all your great cocktails
Personality, Fidelity and security on your supply.
For special occasions like weddings, birthdays, talks, etc.
For any other type of client that is not mentioned

Do you organic produce?

Glasgow Fruit Market cooperates with local residents to provide you the best scottish seasonal homegrown produce


Our shops

Due to the wide variety of products Glasgow Fruit Market sells, like fruit, vegetables and flowers, we have created 4 different e-commerce shops where each website focuses on a specific group of clients to make the ordering process as easy and swiftly as possible taking into consideration your requirements.

Specialized cocktail ingredients

Order by phone, email or directly from our online web shop where all products are listed on a single page to make ordering by phone, tablet or pc as simple as pressing a few buttons.

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Smoothie recipes with ingredient kits

Get inspired and make your own delicious smoothies at home or the workplace, browse our catalogue of recipes and order your starter ingredients box that includes most of the required fruit and vegetables to make the smoothie.

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Fruit & veg boxes of all kinds

Choose from a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetable boxes which get delivered straight to your door for the whole family or workforce to enjoy from.

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Gorgeous bouquets for all events

Your personal online florist in Glasgow and surrounding areas for birthdays, valentines, weddings, etc… Quality bouquets delivered when and where you need them.

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