The Best Food Diet To Lose Weight Holistically

There is so much information online talking about weight loss, so much that some folks are beginning to find it confusing and frustrating regarding what to believe.

Self-made diet pros and acclaimed nutrition experts have come out with hundreds of diet plans spread across the web with names you probably have never heard of. But, you don't have to get confused, really.

While diet plans differ on what we are told to eat, most down-to-earth diet plans (excluding fad foods) commonly agreed on the following guidelines when it comes to holistic weight loss as discussed below. 

What Holistic Weight Loss Means Actually

First, eliminate or seriously cut back on these foods:

  • Refine sugar. This is a no brainer, but the reality is that sugar is not suitable for your health as an adult. Talking about sugar, we mean, consider high-level fructose corn syrup, white table sugar, and the like. You might be wondering, "What about Soda?" Friend,` stay away from it like dung. It's a big, fat no-no. 
  • Processed foods.          Even the Biblical blind Bathemeus would know that anything called food that comes in a pre-packaged box and having a zillion ingredients is a red flag. Because, the more the number of ingredients you cannot pronounce, the unsecured and questionable that food becomes. You don’t want to have anything to do with such, do you? 
  • White flour.     Start reflecting on white pastries. Well, as lovely as those white bread are, they're questionable and harmful. Make sure you eliminate white bread altogether.
  • Vegetable oils.     You need to reduce your intake of things like palm oil, canola oil, corn oils, etc.

Replace the four bad foods above with these real fresh/whole foods

Now, you might be wondering, “What the heck is a whole food?” Well, you can think of it as "genuine" food.

Whole foods are foods having just one kind of ingredient. For example, what is a Spinach? It's spinach. What is an apple? It's an apple. These are unlike processed foods that contain many ingredients and mostly unnatural.  

Some examples of good whole foods are: 

  • Vegetables.     The organic vegetables—the ones with dark green leave like kale and spinach.
  • Healthy fats.   Your body will love the ones from wild avocados and caught salmons. 
  • Protein.             Protein from sources like meat raised from pasture is excellent.
  • Fruits.                Fruits supply the body with precious nutrients that help your body to function efficiently and keep you in the best positive way. 

Wrapping Up

If you can key in a little exercise, nothing will stop your body's response to shed a lot of weight. The results will start showing eventually.

If you have performed your research, you will see that many of the non-fad diet schedules mostly agree on cutting back or annihilating those four bad foods as listed above. 

Stay right with our recommendation and watch as you start dropping weight holistically. It is that easy.  

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